Meet the Cru Emcees for 2011-12

Introducing the emcees for our weekly meeting of Cru (local chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ) at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Here are a few fun questions to get to know Mike Kowbel and Heather Kelly.
Cru Emcee Mike KowbelCru Emcee Heather Kelly
1. What is your favorite late night snack?

Heather: Ice cream. Or, if I’m feeling healthy, frozen yogurt.

Mike: Marvin’s

2. What did you do this summer?

Heather: This summer I lived in Point, worked at Jimmy Johns, and was involved in Woodlands’ church childrens’ ministry. God taught me more about His provision in my life and how to be a light in the workplace.

Mike: I taught marching band this summer, which led me to the land of Canada eh. There, we saw elk and the Canadian Rockies, along with some Mounties…they totally wore the red suits and the brown hats…

3. What’s your take on the Packers, can they do it two years in a row?

Heather: I love the Packers!!! Of course they’ll do it two years in a row!

Mike: I think the Packers are the greatest sports franchise to ever exist. Can they repeat you ask? I say not a repeat, a threepeat or even a fourpeat…I’m talking a minimum eightpeat.

4. If you could pick a super power to have, which would it be and why?

Heather: Fly. I would love to be up in the clouds with the birds.

Mike: If I could have a super power, I would definitely choose the Force…right now I’m thirsty for a Sun Drop…all I’d have to do is lift up my hand and the fridge would open and in flies a frosty cold bottle of Sun Drop wonder…the hardest part would be drinking it…

5. What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Heather: Milk, water, apples, coffee creamer, ketchup, mustard, butter, and leftover mac and cheese. I’m obviously not a health freak.

Mike: T-Bell, Marvin’s, and all ingredients necessary to make goulash…only the essentials…

6. You are able to send one text to all of your friends as the last point of contact you will ever have. What would you text them?

Heather: Hm… I think I’d say something like, “I want u 2 know how much I care about u &, more importantly, how much Jesus cares about u. I hope u will seek out ur identity in Him & I hope I see u in heaven!”

Mike: God loves u & is desiring a true relationship w/u. He sacrificed His son 4 ur sake, taking ur place, receiving the just punishment 4 ur sin. U can know Him right now, entering into relationship w/Him, by trusting in this truth.

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