Goodies from Fall Getaway 2011

Our fall retreat, Fall Getaway, was October 21st-23rd.  We had a local youth pastor and worship leader bless us with his wisdom in three main sessions which you can listen to below.  We also had several breakout seminars.  Some of the seminar speakers’ notes are available which you can download below.
Main Sessions by Steve Berg
Fall Getaway ’11 Session 1: Luke 15:11-32
[audio:|titles=Fall Getaway ’11 Session 1: Luke 15:11-32 – Steve Berg]
Fall Getaway ’11 Session 2 : Psalm 18
[audio:|titles=Fall Getaway ’11 Session 2: Psalm 18 – Steve Berg]
Fall Getaway ’11 Session 3: Luke 10:38-42
[audio:|titles=Fall Getaway ’11 Session 3: Luke 10:38-42 – Steve Berg]
Breakout Seminar Notes
Jesus commanded us to be filled with the Spirit.  We throw around “Spirit-filled living” in our Christian lingo, but often fail to know with whom or how we are filled.  In this seminar we will take a look at who the Holy Spirit is, where He is, and what it means to be Spirit-filled.
Cults. Where did they come from? How do I tell the difference between a Christian group and a cult? How do I talk to someone who is a part of a cult? There are many churches and Christians in our country, unfortunately, there are also many cults in our country as well. Some cults are obvious, others are subtle and very attractive. This seminar is designed to inform you of the origins of many cults, what defines a group as a cult, popular cults in our country, and how to engage a person who may be a member of a cult.
In this seminar we will briefly dissect some common arguments against Christianity and explore some great questions to ask people when they bring those arguments up. In a skeptical society that asks so many questions of Christianity, let’s start asking questions of their skepticism. Jesus did.