About Us

College is the time for making decisions. During these four years (or more) of your life, you will make decisions that could impact the rest of your life. Because of the importance of your time at UWSP, Cru exists as a student organization to help you make the best possible decisions about your time on campus and what you will do after graduation. We believe that the most important key to decisions in college is having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. A relationship with Jesus might be a completely foreign concept to you. We are here to help students understand how this relationship can help you make the best decisions possible during your time at UWSP. Feel free to check us out on Thursday nights at 8pm in the DUC during the Fall and Spring Semesters.
UWSP Cru is a local student organization chapter of Cru, a national interdenominational Christian organization. If you are interested in understanding more about the specific beliefs of Cru check out this link. Statement of Faith